Impressed me enormously as an interpreter

Mrs Agnieszka Collier (who is no relation of mine) has recently acted as an interpreter in two cases I heard at the Leeds Crown Court (R v Kasprzak and Borys and R v David Grabowski). In both cases she impressed me enormously as an interpreter We see many interpreters in the Crown Court, interpreting a variety of languages. She clearly had no difficulty in interpreting Polish to English and vice versa. She also did so simultaneously, which many of our interpreters are not so good at. In addition to her obvious skill as an interpreter she was always punctual in her attendance at court and the court staff found her easy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her for any position as an interpreter, particularly one in a legal context.

His Honour Judge Peter Collier QCView Here
The Honorary Recorder of Leeds

Pursue legal action……… with confidence.

“Having working closely with Brian Gooch for many years in the insurance investigation arena and successfully avoided payment of numerous spurious claims, I was relieved and pleased that he was able to assist me with a covert investigation in a different industry, following a totally different brief.  Brian was able to swiftly understand my requirements and got to work almost immediately, taking it upon himself to research my industry to ensure he was able to fulfil my request to the best of his ability.  Within on a few short days, I had a report with photographs that have allowed me to pursue legal action against my client with confidence.  I would highly recommend the services provided by AJC Alibi without hesitation and am proud to have their support to call upon when needed.”

Asked all the right questions!

I will definitely pass on your details if I hear of anyone in need of any investigation type services – I’ve always been very pleased with the work you have produced over the years. Given some of the diabolical statements we used to get at XXX (missing the obvious points like dates, times, places, if a car was locked, who last used it and why etc. for a vehicle theft!!), yours were always a pleasure as we knew you’d have asked all the right questions!

I turned to Alibi Consultants

After many months of suspecting my husband of having an affair, I turned to AJC Alibi  in the summer of 2011 for help to confirm or allay my suspicions. They carried out their investigations discreetly, professionally and quickly delivered evidence to confirm my husband’s infidelity. Not only would I employ AJC Alibi again, I have no hesitation in recommending them.