Private Investigation Services (Tracing)

It may be that you require a private investigator  experienced in Private Investigation Services (Tracing) to confirm your suspicions of someones current affairs, financial well being or to discover the truth about something.

All of us have the right to know the truth, and we will strive to uncover the truth, provide you with all the facts and help you through a difficult time.

When people want a private investigator it usually indicates you are going through a rough time, which is why at AJC Alibi Ltd we understand this and our service will meet your high demands,  we will also support you and provide evidence enabling you to make an informed decisions.

We provide surveillance service on foot, vehicular or on public transport. All operations are covert so subjects are none the wiser of our private investigators.

We may also provide electronic surveillance with state of the art equipment as we provide only the best services as services such as this require. Also our investigators may provide a Polygraph (lie detector) test if needs be.